Book Unhaul 2017 Part 1

I’ve written a couple of posts before, about unhauling books. It definitely feels very freeing to just let go of the ones I didn’t like, or the ones I’ll never read again. 20160920_192848

Unhaul #1 (2015)

Unhaul #2 (2015)

Unhaul #3 (2016)

Unhaul #4 (2016, Mari Kondo)

Like I did the end of last year, I’m planning to go through all of my books again at the end of this year. Before that though, there are a lot of books I’ve already said goodbye to this year.

  1. 10335308The Farm by Emily McKay
  2. Dem Tod auf der Spur by Michael Tsokos
  3. In Defence of English Cooking by George Orwell
  4. The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick
  5. The Chemist by Stephanie Meyer
  6. Lost in a Book by Jennifer Donnelly
  7. Computer Angst by Steven Klamm
  8. De Jongen die niet Bestond by Steven Klamm
  9. Enge Buren by Steven Klamm
  10. Overal Spinnen by Steven Klamm
  11. 28245487Stemmen in je Hoofd by Steven Klamm
  12. Tirza by Arnon Grunberg
  13. Ich hab’s euch immer schon gesagt by Alex Hacke
  14. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer
  15. The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro
  16. Leven na Haley by Jonathan Tropper
  17. The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella
  18. Haantjes by Kluun
  19. Nach(t)sicht by Jo Jansen
  20. Der Totenleser by Michael Tsokos
  21. Mind Games by Teri Terry
  22. Jungs sind wie Kaugummi by Kerstin Gier
  23. The Circle by Dave Eggers
  24. Is everyone hanging out without me by Mindy Kaling

A lot of them, I’ve read but didn’t like. Others I liked, but I know I won’t read them again. Some, I wasn’t even able to finished, so they ended up on my DNF list. There’s too many books in the world and too little time to give those books another chance. So, I’m moving on!

Goodreads Shelves

As you may have noticed, I finally updated Goodreads. The books I’ve read, the books I own, the books I want to read are all on separate shelves now. Yes, I’ve really only just discovered the shelves. Well, I knew they were there, but I never did anything with it. Now, I’ve seen the uses. In addition, I also made a shelf with books I own, have read and would like to trade (or sell or giveaway, depending on circumstances).

So, if you’re interested to know which books I’ve read, which ones I own, and which ones I did not finish, you can find it all on my Goodreads.

Do you have any more shelve ideas that I should or could use? What kind of shelves do you use on Goodreads? I’d love some inspiration, so I can add to my shelves and sort my books a bit better.

Ps. Here are the books I’ve got up for trade/sale (click the book for the Goodreads link):

28003118     32183173     34187776     6066864     1256933

KonMarie Method – Step three: books

As promised a long time ago, here finally are some pictures of step 3 of the KonMari Method, the decluttering of my books.


As you can see, that’s a lot of books. Also, lots of chaos! I discarded almost half of all these books. My list stands at 235 that I got rid of. This means that there were 326 that I wanted to keep them.

Another joyful fact is that my bookcase looks so much better now. It was by no means crowded before, but somehow something always seemed off. Now, I find, that it looks so much better!

For a bunch of the books I’ve already found some lovely people who would like to have them. All the other ones will be donated/sold to second hand shops.

Next on the KonMari Method list is papers. We already did this as well. Lots better organized now, and a lot less papers still around. We’re now slowly going through all the other things we have to do, before moving on to sentimental items.

Ps. I think my TBR never went down as fast as this, and probably never will again.

Rearranging my bookshelves

A little while ago, I rearranged my bookshelves. I forgot to write a blog post about it though, but here it is now!

I hope you’ll enjoy the before, after, and greatly chaotic in progress pictures.


I made sure to get our dining table out of the way first, because it was in the way of getting a perfect ‘before’ picture. Here, my books I first organized by audience (adult, YA, child), and then alphabetically by last name of the first author. Obviously, there are some exceptions, as my Harry Potter shelf, as well as the two middle shelves all the way to the right. Those are books that aren’t mine, or didn’t fit into the shelves because they were too big. Plus some extras that somehow ended up there.


This is what it looked like during my reorganization. Most of my books (and my boyfriends CDs) were stacked on top of our dining room table. Though, since the table wasn’t big enough and I didn’t want to make the stacks any higher, some ended up on the floor.

Finally though, after a few hours of work and wondering whether I actually liked my new system that was just alphabetically on first author’s last name, I ended up with the following, beautiful result:


Can you spot any of your favorites?

On my bookshelf #19

Once again, the next ten books on my bookshelf!

DSCN2863.JPG1. Dros, Imme – De Huiveringwekkende mythe van Perseus
Dros, Imme – Ongelukkig Verliefd
3. Dubelaar, Thea – De Spiegeljongen
4. Dubelaar, Thea – Mijn papa is een Prins
5. Durlacher, Jessica – De Dochter
6. Ede, van Bies – Ijskoude Handen

All children’s and YA books I rediscovered in the attic of my parents. So far, I’ve only read De Mislukte Moordenaar ofwel De Kinderredder from this bunch. The other’s I’ll get to soon enough!

7. Ee, Susan – Angelfall
Ee, Susan – World After
9. Ee, Susan – End of Days

I loved this series! I thought I really wouldn’t; I just couldn’t imagine evil angels. And though it was a bit predictable in some instances, it was a great read!

10. Elias, Bettie – Bang of Boos en andere verhalen

One of those books from my parents’ attic. I can’t even say this one sounds familiar. I saw however that it’s a children’s book for children who are just starting to read. I guess this means it’s not going to be the most exciting read ever when I finally get to it.

Not the most exciting ‘on my bookshelf’. Hopefully the next one will be a bit more interesting again!

On my bookshelf #18

This is going to be an interesting one. Most of these books I didn’t even really know I had. Some are children’s books that until recently were living a ‘happily ever after’ in my parents basement. Until they, you know, were taken away from the one home they had ever known to move to a new and strange place. A book’s got a tough life!


1. Brenna, Duff – Te cool

One of those books described above. I don’t think I’ve read it. Once I have, you’ll be the first to know.

2. Brown, Dan – Inferno

Bought this one quite recently; I discovered a new book store with discounted books (probably scratch & dent, though I didn’t see any on the books I picked). Of course, books had to be bought.

3. Busser, Marianne – De Koning zonder Kroon

Another one from the opening paragraph. Don’t know it; one day soon.

4. Cabot, Meg – Give me Five

One of the princess diaries books. I don’t own (or have read) the other ones. Everyone seems to love them though, and I’m just wondering if I should jump straight into the fifth book or actually read the other ones first. I mean, they’re not going to have the most complicated story line, so how hard would it be to understand?

5. Chambers, Aidan – Tirannen

And another one from that first paragraph.

6. Cornwell, Patricia – Port Mortuary
7. Cornwell, Patricia – Portrait of a Killer

The first one I recently stole back from my mom. It was still in her bookcase, but I know she didn’t buy any of the Patricia Cornwell books in English, so it’s mine! (I think there’s more in her book case even). We both have a slight obsession with the Kay Scarpetta series. We read them all in the strangest order, which was kinda fun (and sometimes confusing, because…. can’t say: spoiler). The Portait of a Killer is about Jack the Ripper and the only (older) book by her that I haven’t read yet. I also need to catch up on the more recent releases of Kay Scarpetta.

8. Dekkers, Midas – Het Walvismeer
9. Diekman, Mies – Mens te Koop

More of those ‘first paragraph’ books. I’ll get to them at some point.

10. Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan – The Hound of the Baskervilles

Still working my way to this one. I bought it second hand a while ago, but haven’t yet had the chance to pick it up.

Have you read any of these books? What did you think of them? Let me know in the comments!

On my bookshelf #17

Welcome to another edition of on my bookshelf! This time (once again), I’ll be talking a bit about one of my favorite authors. Can anyone guess who that might be?

Let’s get started!


1. Beckman, Thea – De Verloren Schat
2. Beckman, Thea – Het Wonder van Frieswijck
3. Beckman, Thea – Kinderen van Moeder Aarde
4. Beckman, Thea – Vrijgevochten
5. Beckman, Thea – De Gouden Dolk

Five more Thea Beckman books have been added to my collection since I last was at the ‘B’. Some of these I already owned but had been stored away in the attic of my parents, others I bought at the Deventer Boekenmarkt this summer. The only one I’m not sure I’ve read is ‘Vrijgevochten’, though it seems very familiar and I think I might’ve read it a long time ago.

6. Bel, de Marc – Witteheksennacht
7. Biegel, Paul – Juttertje Tim
8. Biemans, Ienne – Het AkkeTakkeKistje

And three more books that were up in the attic for a long time. None of these I’ve read so far, but I should get to some of them if I really want to reduce the amount of books on my TBR.

9. Binet, Laurent – HhhH
10. Boyne, John – This House is Haunted

These two I haven’t read yet, but both sounded very interesting and were on sale in a new bookshop I had discovered in town. So of course, I had to get them!

Not a particularly varied number of books, but a couple of great ones nonetheless. Kinderen van Moeder Aarde en De Gouden Dolk were both on my ‘best Dutch books of 2015’ list.