KonMarie Method – Step three: books

As promised a long time ago, here finally are some pictures of step 3 of the KonMari Method, the decluttering of my books.


As you can see, that’s a lot of books. Also, lots of chaos! I discarded almost half of all these books. My list stands at 235 that I got rid of. This means that there were 326 that I wanted to keep them.

Another joyful fact is that my bookcase looks so much better now. It was by no means crowded before, but somehow something always seemed off. Now, I find, that it looks so much better!

For a bunch of the books I’ve already found some lovely people who would like to have them. All the other ones will be donated/sold to second hand shops.

Next on the KonMari Method list is papers. We already did this as well. Lots better organized now, and a lot less papers still around. We’re now slowly going through all the other things we have to do, before moving on to sentimental items.

Ps. I think my TBR never went down as fast as this, and probably never will again.

Favorite books of 2016

It was really hard to cut this list down to only ten books. I wanted it to be a mix of fiction, non-fiction, Dutch, English, German, children’s, young adult and adult books. So it took me a while to get all those categories represented in the best way!

So, without furrther ado, in no particular order (or well, the order they were read in throughout the year):

  1. De Gouden Dolk by Thea Beckman 1551208

  2. 16147181The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells

  3. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne39999

  4. 21686Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane

  5. Feed by Mira Grant7094569

  6. 18808023I, Robot by Isaac Asimov

  7. Room by Emma Donoghue24968083

  8. 22011085The Life Changing Magic of Tyding my Mari Kondo

  9. Das Paket by Sebastian Fiztek28254289

  10. 19542841More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera

What were your favorite books of 2016? Did you read any of the books I read, what did you think of those?

Confessions of a bookblogger #7 – I don’t really like bookish goodies

Yep, I’m not the biggest fan of bookish goodies. Sure, there are things that I like, but mostly something related to books won’t really make me happy. I’d rather just have a piece of chocolate, or a book of course.

Somehow I’ve a bit of a thing against anything that I can’t use. This means that certain things, like pillows and tote bags, I’m a big fan of. However, funkos… not so much. I love the way they look, don’t get me wrong, I just feel their useless (which I suppose technically they are). They’d just be standing there, taking up space, gathering dust… which means it’s something extra I’d have to clean – I don’t like cleaning.

I hardly ever wear jewelry, so bookish jewelry? Not for me. Different cell phone cases? Nope, I only use one anyway. I’d forget the change them and the other ones would end up in the back of a drawer.

It pretty much comes to this: if I use it without it being bookish, I’ll also use it when it’s book-related. However, if I don’t use it anyone, just making it bookish, isn’t going to make me like it.

Confessions of a book blogger #6 – I don’t like reading challenges

Reading challenge banner

Throughout the year, as most of you will know, there are numerous reading challenges that one can compete in. Some are fairly simple, only prescribing the number of books as a goal. Others, will try to give specific prompts to use when picking out a book (e.g. a book with a number in the title, a book with a blue cover). However, what all of them have in common, and what I hate about them, is that they ‘force’ you to read.

The whole point of a challenge is of course completing it. Though I’m a huge fan of deadlines (I almost always finished my assignments minutes before them), I really don’t like to feel pressured into something. Whether that be drinking alcohol (seriously, cut the crap, I don’t like that shit!), or reading certain books.

I pick out the books I read based on what I feel like reading, so if I have no good books with blue on the cover, then it’s really just not going to happen. Reading a certain number of books seems a bit pointless too, since I already set a goal for the entire year; no need to make things worse by forcing myself through 5 books in 7 days. This means the only challenge I participate in, is the Goodreads challenge, by setting a goal for a certain number of books to read.

Reading challenge banner

When it comes to these challenges, I’m all rebel teen inside: forcing me to do something is the best way to make sure it’s not going to happen.

What’s your opinion about challenges? Do they actually help you read more (I know it works for some people)? Or do you dislike them, like I do?

Confession of a bookblogger #5 – I hardly ever buy new releases

I was going to add a nice picture of the last new release book I bought immediately when it came out, but I can’t even remember the last time I immediately bought a new release.

That’s the sad, sad truth; I don’t have the money for it. Weirdly enough, I don’t think I’ll ever have the money to buy all the new releases right when they come out. Maybe it’s my stingy Dutch upbringing (is that seriously still what foreigners believe btw?), but I just don’t think it’s worth it to buy them as soon as they come out. Is that just me?

There are so many books that I want to read, and so many that I’ve never even heard of that are probably amazing. A whole bunch of those can be gotten from second hand stores (if you want to own a copy), a library or friends. Sure, I can (in the future) spend all of my hard earned money on new shiny books. But there’s no guarantee that they’ll make me happier than all those well-loved books waiting in the second hand stores. Thus, I like to save my money and be very picky about the books I pre-order. After all, the next big thing in bookland is always right around the corner.

What do you think? Do you want all (or most) of the new releases as soon as they come out, and do you then also buy them all? Or do you find (just like me) that sometimes money is better spend on things that are not books? Let me know in the comments below!

Confessions of a book blogger #4: I cannot DNF books

Confessions of a book blogger #4: I cannot DNF booksThis is just one of those things that I, personally, cannot deal with. I hate leaving things unfinished, no matter what it is.

I can leave them alone for a long time, for years even, but I will eventually finish whatever it is I am working on. Whether it’s a project or a book I’m reading. At some point I will make sure it’s done.

Books I really don’t like, I will therefore still finish reading. Not just because I cannot stand to see them unfinished, but also because that’s the only fair way to give a review; if you’ve not finished it, how are you supposed to give a fair and honest review?

How do you feel about DNFing a book? Yes, no, maybe? Let me know in the comments!

(DNF, for those who didn’t know, means: did not finish).

P.S. I’ve recently DNFed my first book. It’s been two years, I think I really should give up at some point… It does feel very strange and wrong however.

Confessions of a book blogger #3 – I don’t ship fictional characters

Confessions of a book blogger #3 -  I don't ship fictional charactersYou read that right. I don’t ship characters. I’ve mentioned it before somewhere in one of my blog posts, but I feel like I should really put it out there now.

Ever since I started reading (pretty much right after I was born), I’ve read (or listened to) stories and just accepted them the way they were. Sure, sometimes I didn’t like the way things ended (I’m all for happy endings), but that’s just the way it was. I never even considered that you could want a character in a book to end up with someone else than they did. I mean, it’s a story. You can’t change that. Why bother even thinking about what should be different.

Since my entrance into the book community a year or two ago (though I was only following people at that time, not making my own content), I’ve started to think about this more. There have been stories I would’ve liked to turn out different, yet I still can’t make myself care for the relationship of fictional characters. It’s just not my thing.

Perhaps because romance isn’t really my thing. Not in books; I’ll read the occasional contemporary romance, but usually I stick to all the other genres. Also, not in real life. I really enjoy my boyfriend being romantic, but I suck at it. Wait, that should be capitalized: I SUCK at it. I’m ok with that though: me doing romance is just not realistic. I’ve got things I’m much better that.

What about you? Do you ship fictional characters? Do you have an OTP? Do you have any idea how long it took me after first seeing OTP to figure out what it meant?